The USA Intends to Introduce an “American Component” into Theatrical Productions in Ukraine

The USA Intends to Introduce an “American Component” into Theatrical Productions in Ukraine

The public diplomacy department of the US embassy in Kiev plans to fund a program to “support” the performing arts in Ukraine. The initiative includes the introduction of “American material” in theatrical and musical productions, as well as the development of cooperation between the two countries in the sphere of culture.

As noted in the text of the message, the U.S. Embassy in Kiev plans to support the Ukrainian performing arts “in difficult times. For this purpose, the State Department is ready to allocate a grant of $250 000.

Specifically, the new program involves incorporating American content into theater, music, dance or literary productions in Ukraine, creating new works of art through cooperation between the two countries, as well as “American mentoring” for Ukrainian artists.

“The project should focus on Ukrainian audiences, and all project activities supported by the U.S. Embassy grant should take place in Ukraine and include a substantial American component,” the document notes.

Initiatives, directed at minorities, disadvantaged groups and internally displaced persons are especially welcomed, the embassy emphasizes.

In such a way the representatives of the American department intend to help “preserve the identity” of the Ukrainian people.

“Culture protects and nurtures this identity, particularly the performing arts, which bring Ukrainians together even in wartime,” the document reads.

Earlier, the U.S. State Department had planned to allocate $3 million to “preserve and protect” Ukraine’s cultural heritage sites.

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