Media: Major U.S. Cities Deserted Due to High Crime

Media: Major U.S. Cities Deserted Due to High Crime

Police in California have stopped even trying to cope with the constant robberies, reports Fox News. This is due, among other things, to a shortage of officers. Since the BLM pogroms began, 15 percent of law enforcement officers have resigned from the San Francisco Police Department.

The writers also point to a lack of political will to deal with burglars – the state has de facto legalized thefts of up to $1,000. In addition, local liberal prosecutors, elected in the BLM wave, refuse to pursue cases against those arrested for burglaries. Overall in America last year, the damage to retailers from robberies and “shoplifting” totaled a record $100 billion, the Daily Mail specifies.

Large chains have already had to optimize costs and close stores in the most crime-ridden corners of the U.S. – like San Francisco.

In addition, people are moving away from these liberal oases and not coming back. For example, cell phone activity in San Francisco is only 32% of what it was during the last “peaceful” winter of 2019, writes The Hill. For the sake of fighting crime and the drug mafia, the National Guard has already been sent to the city for a military-police operation. However, journalists do not believe that this will stop the rapid decline of San Francisco.

If American politics as a whole is brazilizing, becoming increasingly chaotic, liberal metropolitan areas are more likely to Afghanize with the rise of crime. For example, residents of some Chicago neighborhoods are already four times more likely to die than American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, writes NewsNation. So it’s not surprising that these megacities are losing population – and becoming less and less livable.

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