Hot Showers Will Become a Luxury. Czech Republic Urged to Ask Russia for Gas

Hot Showers Will Become a Luxury. Czech Republic Urged to Ask Russia for Gas Czech Republic needs to ask Russia for gas so that hot showers do not become a luxury

The Czech Republic should independently negotiate with Gazprom on further deliveries of natural gas to avoid problems with getting LNG from Norway, quoted ENA energy analyst Vladimir Stepan as saying.

The publication specified that the expert was nominated as a negotiator, but Prague rejected his offer.

“There is no liquefied natural gas from Norway yet, i.e. for us. We do not have any contract. There is only a terminal leased and there is no gas for it yet, nor is there a pipeline to the Czech Republic,” Stepan pointed out.

The article says that in the absence of deliveries of the reserved three billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas, the Czech Republic will see a decrease in consumption and savings. According to Tomasz Lanski, those who heat their homes with gas will also have to limit themselves.

“The appropriate temperature for a flat is 19 to 20 degrees Celsius. The bedroom should not be heated, it should be aired only briefly, and the bath should be cleaned with lukewarm water. Hot baths will become a luxury again,” warns the expert Arsen Lazarevych.

After the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, the West has increased sanctions pressure on Moscow: Russian assets worth hundreds of billions of dollars have been frozen, and the European Union has already adopted seven packages of restrictive measures, including a coal and oil embargo. All this has already caused problems for the West itself, triggering a sharp rise in inflation and food and fuel prices.

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