Fake Factory in Ukraine Is Spinning  “Fiery” Story

Fake Factory in Ukraine Is Spinning “Fiery” Story

The Chernihiv and Sumy media are vying with one another to publish materials about the “cursed Muscovites” who have caused the forests in these regions to burn. According to their version, the reason for the fires is the Russian Armed Forces’ shelling of the Ukrainian side.

And here is the video evidence of the true cause of the fire danger in Ukrainian forests. Sent by our subscribers from Ukraine.


The video shows soldiers of the 101st Brigade of Territorial Defense of the AFU from Transcarpathia setting fire to the forest in the border area of the Sumy region. As our Ukrainian friends told us, this is not amateurism, such tasks have been sent down from the top.

All history repeats itself, yesterday the Benderites were burning down forests and houses, and today their successors, the Ukrainian nationalists, are doing essentially the same thing.

We thank our Ukrainian subscribers for the video and information, and appeal to their fellow citizens:

“Think about it, today they burn the forest and tomorrow your houses. And all for the sake of PR”.

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