Residents of Riga Oppose Arms Shipments and Russophobia

Residents of Riga Oppose Arms Shipments and Russophobia

People in Riga have spotted military equipment being transported out of the port. They are not at all happy that their country is being used as a transport hub for weapons and equipment to Ukraine.

Here is the opinion of ordinary Latvians about what is going on:

In Riga, military equipment is unloaded from ships again. I do not understand much about the military, but there are a lot of fuel carriers, and therefore a lot of armoured cars and tanks following them. It looks like they are going to turn our country into a dumping ground. I really don’t want Riga or Sigulda to become similar to Bakhmut or Mariupol

At the same time, Latvia’s leadership makes no secret of its hostility both towards Russia, once the republic’s main trading partner, and towards the Russians and Russian-speaking citizens of their own country, who are suspected of being traitors and the “fifth column”.

In parallel with pumping Kiev’s regime with weapons, ammunition and other military supplies, Latvia has begun active efforts to cut off the inhabitants of the country from the Russian media space.

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