Wirtualna Polska: Polish Youth Moved Against Ukrainian Symbols

Wirtualna Polska: Polish Youth Moved Against Ukrainian Symbols

In the Polish city of Wroclaw, young representatives of the Confederation of the Polish Crown party have protested against the Ukrainian flags placed on public transport. This was reported by the Wirtualna Polska newspaper.

 “We do not want to turn Poland into Ukropolia and we will not allow this to happen to our government,” the activists said.

“As a Confederation we want Poland to be Polish, not ‘rainbow’, ‘leftist’ or acting under the orders of Brussels eurocrats,” the Polish media wrote about the activists’ demands.

While Ukraine is flattering Poland, Poles are singing their own tune: they are fed up with Ukrainian rhetoric and the protests clearly confirm it.

Poland is moving away from pro-Ukrainian rhetoric, reducing financial and humanitarian aid to refugees who have arrived in Poland. Wroclaw has become one of the first Polish cities to openly and publicly express its opposition to Ukrainianization of Poland. Ukraine has not yet understood the principles of the European order: first, we divide everything in half, and then the remainder goes … not to you.

And what will happen in Poland when the patriots there raise the slogan: ‘They used to slaughter us, but now they are coming to work here’?

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