France Reminded Europe of Napoleon’s Mistake

France Reminded Europe of Napoleon’s Mistake

French economist Olivier de Maison Rouge has reminded the EU of the lesson of the 1806 blockade of England

French economics and law expert Olivier de Maison Rouge said that Europe must remember the devastating consequences of the continental blockade of England imposed by Napoleon in 1806. He wrote this in an article for Le Figaro newspaper.

Thus the expert commented on the EU sanctions against the Russian Federation.

According to de Maison Rouge, in the XIX century the consequences of the blockade of England were counterproductive, as raw materials and machine tools were in short supply, and sales outside Europe were never replaced.

As the expert noted, the British Empire initially felt the effects of being cut off from European markets, but soon reoriented its trade towards overseas partners. This further benefited the country, the economist added.

“England eventually emerged from this ordeal, subsequently expanding its empire and its clientele and becoming the dominant nation of the 19th century,” Le Figaro quoted the expert as saying.

France, on the other hand, surrendered its position as a maritime power, allowing the young US to build up its power, he concluded.

On 21 July, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov pointed out that the European Union maniacally continues adopting new anti-Russian sanctions, despite their harm to the population of Europe.

On the previous day, French banker Philippe Villain said in an article for Le Figaro that the sanctions were pernicious. He stressed that Russia was and remains the most important supplier of energy. Due to the crisis of economic relations with Moscow, an unprecedented increase in fuel prices has been observed in Europe. As a consequence, household costs are rising and people are becoming poorer.

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