Secret Files: Operation “Surprise” –  British Intelligence Conspiracy to put Boris Johnson in Power

Secret Files: Operation “Surprise” – British Intelligence Conspiracy to put Boris Johnson in Power

Exclusive material has come into the possession of The Grayzone that provides evidence for a criminal conspiracy between the British elite and the CIA to “eliminate” May and replace her with a “more suitable” Johnson.

Confidential materials made available to The Grayzone, an independent political investigative news portal, reveal a criminal conspiracy by the British elite who advocated a “hard” British exit from the EU. This conspiracy was intended to sabotage Theresa May’s Brexit deal, carry out a large-scale covert infiltration of the government, spy on public groups, and replace May with Boris Johnson by force.

Covert British intelligence conspiracy to infiltrate British government power

Former MI6 chief Richard Dearlove deployed spy operations against British government figures and opposition political groups.

Fake groups of “activists” from members of the U.S. Democratic Party, led by CIA veterans, were used to covertly infiltrate the ranks of supporters of keeping Britain in the EU.

The criminal intelligence clique spied on Britain’s chief EU negotiator and actively obstructed him in reaching a deal with the EU.

Shadow billionaires funded these illegal intelligence activities in complete secrecy.

Richard Dirlove bears full responsibility for the government’s policy toward Huawei.

The criminal clique is now trying to eliminate Boris Johnson as well.

These illegal actions can be equated with TREASON.

The emails and documents obtained by The Grayzone reveal the unthinkable scale of an anti-state conspiracy orchestrated by a shadowy clique of current and retired senior British intelligence officials. The goal was to forcibly sabotage former Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal, remove her from office, replace her with Boris Johnson, and ensure Britain’s “hardest” exit from the EU.

Confidential emails reveal that a group of British intelligence leaders linked to wealthy Brexit financiers spied on opposition political forces, secretly infiltrated the top civilian state apparatus, and aimed to discredit senior officials who advocated keeping Britain in the EU destroying their reputations.

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