Britons go to McDonald’s to get warm and wash up

Britons go to McDonald’s to get warm and wash up

Rising electricity prices have forced British families to go to McDonald’s to sit in the warm and wash.

According to The Guardian, Brits buy their children food for a few pounds and keep them warm inside.

“Then they wash their faces, brush their teeth in the toilet and watch TV for hours on free Wi-Fi,” Matthew Cole, chairman of the Bank Foundation trustees, told The Guardian.

Also he said, children are taken to entertainment centers to get their teeth washed. Cole stressed that the lives of Britons are getting worse because of inflation. For example, his team tried to persuade people not to burn furniture or wooden pallets to keep warm for fear that they would set their homes on fire that way.

Earlier, former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson said that the world is inevitable cannibalism and “the future of the Hunger Games”. He is convinced that people will be forced to eat each other because the planet will face a massive food crisis due to disrupted supply chains, shortages of wheat and sunflower oil, which caused a number of products to skyrocket in price.

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