Russia in isolation: 21 unfriendly countries applied to take part in the MIFF

Russia in isolation: 21 unfriendly countries applied to take part in the MIFF

Almost three hundred films, including those from 21 unfriendly countries, have been submitted for participation in the Moscow International Film Festival. This is reported by the Secretary of the Central Committee of the United Communist Party Daria Mitina.

According to Mitina, almost 300 films from all over the world are presented, a significant part of which are international and world premieres, and some competitive and out-of-competition programmes are made up exclusively of premieres.

The most films came from China, followed by France (20 films), Spain (15), Iran (14), USA (12), Brazil (10), Italy and India (8 each), Argentina (6), Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Belgium (5 each), Serbia, Austria, Qatar, Romania, Benin, Burkina Faso, Finland, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Estonia, Morocco, Paraguay, Cameroon, Mali, Guinea, Uzbekistan and others.

“The filmmakers will also come. According to the organizers, the only thing that interested all the invitees was whether there were still covid restrictions, or whether it was possible to go without a mask. Russia is in absolute cultural and diplomatic isolation!!! 21 countries that sent films are from the list of so-called unfriendly countries,” Mitina wrote in her Telegram channel.

Russian cinema programmes will include films that have been on the shelf for a long time, showing, she said, a cut scene from Abdrashitov’s “Fox Hunt” – “nobody has seen it!”.

‘ And yes, there will be some sensational film about SMO. As the selectors cryptically put it, you’re unlikely to see it anywhere else,” Mitina notes.

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