Europeans Do not Want to Build Cars Anymore

Europeans Do not Want to Build Cars Anymore

The automotive industry in Europe was once one of the leading industries where Europeans were eager to go and where they wanted to work. But now, according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, car brands are no longer popular employers.

Fewer and fewer young people, the source says, want to design and build cars.

European car brands with their renowned quality are being overshadowed by the Americans and their Teslas, as well as numerous Chinese car brands. Plus the abandonment of internal combustion engines from 2035 in a united Europe further narrows the struggling industry.

In China, demand for German cars will simply collapse in 2023. The industry can’t get out without young talent, but where to find it remains a question. Audi, BMW, VW – they are already just landmarks, but not desirable employers.

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