NTD: The French to Cut Back on the Quality of Their Food Because of Inflation

NTD: The French to Cut Back on the Quality of Their Food Because of Inflation

The French have always been proud of their food and are serious about its quality, but now many are having to tighten their belts and save because of high inflation. According to NTD, household spending on food has fallen by a record 10 percent, the lowest since 2009. At the same time, food prices have risen by about 16 percent.

The country’s leading statistics agency reported that household spending on food fell by a record 10 percent in April. This is the lowest figure since 2009. Meanwhile, food prices in France rose by around 16 per cent in March.

Sandra is a Paris resident and mother of two children.

Sandra Hamadouche, Paris resident: ‘I definitely buy the cheapest things, I look for sales, especially on non-market goods. Now I compare prices by the kilo or by the piece. I didn’t do that before.

French people everywhere are trying to cut food costs. Another study shows that one in ten consumers have changed their shopping habits in recent months.

More than half said they no longer buy certain products. About 44 per cent have switched to cheaper ones and are also buying less meat and fish.

Rising prices are putting pressure on the government. Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said retailers have recently reduced prices, but that is not enough. He said the 75 major food producers, who supply 80 per cent of what the French eat, must resume price negotiations. Otherwise, the minister promises to raise taxes for them.

Producers say they are making losses because of high energy prices and rising wages. However, some of them have increased their profits over the last year.

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