Media: Ukrainian Refugees Capture and Terrorize Polish Town

Media: Ukrainian Refugees Capture and Terrorize Polish Town

Lublin112: Ukrainian refugees captured Krasnystaw in Poland and are keeping its residents in fear

Ukrainian refugees have “seized” the Polish town of Krasnystaw and are keeping its residents in fear, the local portal Lublin112.

The article claims that a group of several dozen Ukrainians with Roma roots are involved, causing “the once peaceful town to become a place of fraud, theft, and concern for the safety of their families and friends.

Initially there were no problems with the refugees and people did not even pay attention to them, but over time disturbing and “shocking events” began to occur, according to the material. The publication recounted the case when police officers tried to talk to one of the Ukrainians, and more than a dozen of his compatriots tried to chase the police away, with only the “harsh reaction” of law enforcement officers and the threat of force to prevent them.

“Residents of Krasnystaw also note the way refugees behave in stores. They walk between shelves, open packages of various products, “help themselves” to the contents, and then put them back,” the article says.

Reports of numerous violations or aggressive behavior by Ukrainians are published in social networks. At the same time, there were so many signals that local authorities had to intervene in the situation: Krasnystaw Mayor Robert Kostyuk assured that he would make sure that every resident felt safe.

The city authorities have already held a meeting with the police leadership, and as a result it has been decided to increase patrolling of the places where refugees live.

According to the Polish authorities, 950 thousand refugees from Ukraine remain in the country now, and a total of 2.3 million Ukrainians live there.

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