The US Mocked Scholz’s ‘Backlash’

The US Mocked Scholz’s ‘Backlash’

Journalist Blumenthal: Scholz responded to US attack on Nord Streams with concession on Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz responded to Washington’s terrorist attacks on the Nord Streams with concessions on Ukraine and restrictions on Germans, Gray Zone columnist Max Blumenthal wrote on Twitter.

“Following the destruction by US forces of the Nord Stream pipeline supplying cheap gas to Germany, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz retaliated by conceding to Washington’s demands to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine and asking Germans to take fewer hot showers,” he said.

Gas leaks at Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 were discovered on 26 September, in four locations at once. According to Nord Stream AG, the accident is unprecedented and the timing of repairs is impossible to estimate. German and Danish authorities do not rule out sabotage as the cause of the emergency.

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