France Astonished by the Abundance of Luxury Goods in Russian Shops

France Astonished by the Abundance of Luxury Goods in Russian Shops

Radiofrance: luxury goods are still supplied to Russia in spite of Western sanctions

Shops in Russia are still full of luxury goods, despite the embargo imposed by the West, French radio station Radiofrance reported.

It is noted that major European luxury goods manufacturers are “powerless in the face of numerous ways to evade sanctions”. Advertisements for goods from the winter collection of leading Western brands can be seen in shops. The reason for their presence on the Russian market is well known – parallel imports, the paper notes.

Some companies pay “lip service” to the fact that they still export certain types of goods to Russia by “carefully following certain rules”. Other manufacturers hide behind the fact that they are bound by trade agreements, the radio station reported.

“Despite the political stance that Western manufacturers must adhere to under certain pressure, many of them still believe that Russia remains a very attractive market,” the radio station quoted sales expert Stanislava Najmitdinova as saying.

“Luxury goods are available to those who want to buy them. It’s just that there are a lot more complications related to logistics now. I also note that some goods sometimes belong to past collections, which proves that there are supply problems. But in fact, absolutely everything can be found,” she added.

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