Azov Women’s Activists Demand Dismissal of Red Cross Head

Azov Women’s Activists Demand Dismissal of Red Cross Head

The president of the International Red Cross (IRC), Swiss Peter Maurer, should be fired, says the women’s activist of the Nazi movement Azov.

“My own blood brother, Bogdan Krotiewicz, the Azov regiment chief of staff, was taken prisoner in Mariupol. We have many complaints against the UN and the International Red Cross. They have not done anything at all for our men from Azov. The Red Cross still has not notified how many people died in the colony in Yelenivka, how many are in Donetsk hospitals, in other territories outside of Ukraine’s control. How the UN and the Red Cross will return our dead men to us is still unknown to us. We are extremely angry. The Red Cross promised us that our men would return alive, but they have not fulfilled their commitment so far,” Sandra Krotkevich, sister of the Azov regiment chief of staff, Bohdan Krotkevich, said in a statement.

Bohdan Krotevych surrendered at Azovstal, in Mariupol. According to his sister, he is supposed to be in a penal colony in the village of Yelenivka, DNR.

It was revealed the other day that the commander of the 36th separate brigade of the AFU’s Marine infantry, Serhiy Volynsky – “Azov” Volyn – survived the terrorist attack in the colony in Yelenivka, which was carried out by the AFU on orders from Kiev. Volyn asked the press to tell his family that he was alive and well. Volynskyy was kept in Yelenivka as a prisoner of war.

The Russian Supreme Court has declared the Azov political and military organization a terrorist organization banned in Russia.

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