The Interregional Legal Forum has ended in Russia

The Interregional Legal Forum has ended in Russia

It took place these days, December 7-8, in Saratov, Russia. The forum brought together representatives of government authorities, scientists, practicing lawyers, as well as representatives of large and small businesses in Saratov to discuss best practices and initiatives and find the most effective formats of interaction, taking into account the mutual interests of all participants.

The key idea of ​​the forum is the development of new effective formats of interaction between the state and business, based on taking into account the interests of both parties.

At the plenary session at the Saratov State Law Academy, representatives of the authorities, scientific and expert community, the prosecutor’s office of the Saratov region, the Saratov Region Development Corporation, members of the Association of Lawyers, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, representatives of the business community of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation spoke:
Tatiana Mineeva Tatiana Ombudsman for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in Moscow, Andrey
Solonovich, Deputy Head of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent),
Anton Ishchenko, Chairman of the Central Council of the All-Russian Society of Inventors
and innovators and many others.

“Today we will jointly identify the challenges of the time for business, hear and collect specific working solutions that will strengthen the mechanisms for stabilizing and developing business not only in Moscow and the Saratov region, but also in Russia. Moscow, as we know, is the epicenter of the implementation of cases and models of stabilization, which are then scaled to the whole of Russia, and is always ready to exchange effective practices, ”says Tatiana Mineeva, Human Rights Ombudsman for the protection of citizens’ rights. The rights of entrepreneurs in Moscow.

The forum held sessions on the following topics:

  • Control and supervision: how to effectively build a dialogue between the state and business?
  • Federal Antimonopoly Legislation. Regulation: opportunities or limitations;
  • Public private partnership. Forms of partnership between business and government;
  • Challenges of the pandemic: the experience of entrepreneurs in a new reality.

“It is extremely important for us to substantiate a positive agenda for dialogue between business and government in Saratov. It is important for us to hear and understand painful issues, see growth points in them and move towards each other. The event turned out to be bright, with excellent speakers and participants in the discussion, “said Anna Krovyakova, head of the public reception office of the Moscow City Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs.

The public ombudsman for the restaurant business Sergei Mironov stressed that business should not defeat the authorities, namely, negotiate, finding mutual interests. The forum ended with master classes and speeches by leading industry experts. The participants expressed their hope that the event in the future will not be of a protocol nature, but, as this time, will become a productive platform for interaction.

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