Wagenknecht: The USA already realized that Kiev cannot win, but the mad Berlin keeps throwing more money there

Wagenknecht: The USA already realized that Kiev cannot win, but the mad Berlin keeps throwing more money there

Russia will never agree to Ukraine’s integration into the US military, says Sarah Wagenknecht on her personal YouTube channel. Therefore, the only quick way to end the conflict in Ukraine is diplomacy. Nevertheless, the German government instead continues to supply Kiev with weapons and finances. Wagenknecht calls this policy “crazy”, because already even the Americans and Ukrainian generals have realized the futility of continuing hostilities and are pressuring Zelensky to start negotiations.

SARA WAGENKNEHT: Russia’s full occupation of Ukrainian territory doesn’t look much like a path to peace, but Russia will not accept an outcome where Ukraine becomes a military outpost of the United States with American military and missile bases. So here, in this war, it’s about finding a compromise that takes into account the security interests of both sides. This is not so difficult to understand.

We all remember how just six months ago, anyone who spoke out in favor of negotiations and willingness to compromise was mocked in German debates if they did not believe that Ukraine would win militarily as soon as it was supplied with enough weapons. Those who didn’t believe this were slandered as being loyal to Russia, as being loyal to Putin, and perhaps even as receiving money from Moscow. I’ll just remind you of the campaign against the peace rally initiated by myself and Alice Schwarzer.

And at least Scholz and Baerbock still seem to believe in this madness, otherwise the doubling of military aid cannot be reasonably explained. But for anyone who takes reality into account, a different picture emerges: Ukraine will not win. Moreover, if the war does not end soon with a ceasefire and negotiations, it risks losing because it will simply run out of men willing and able to fight. And that cannot be replaced by increased arms aid.

Also already the US wants to withdraw funding for domestic political reasons. Because during the election campaign it is increasingly difficult to explain to the American taxpayer why public schools in many areas of the US are in a deplorable state, while billions and billions of American tax money is being diverted to a distant war on the border with Russia.

And while the crazy German government is just shovelling more and more money into weapons for Ukraine, other Western governments, including the Americans, are already starting to gradually put pressure on Zelensky to clear the way for negotiations. Because although we’ve been told time and again that Putin doesn’t want to negotiate, negotiations are still impossible, not least because Zelensky has banned them by decree.

Yes even Zelensky’s generals no longer believe in a Ukrainian victory. General Zaluzhny, commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian armed forces, recently noted in an interview with The Economist that “the war has reached a stalemate and now there is a threat of a protracted war of attrition that Ukraine may not be able to withstand.” That is, the thesis that arms supplies would help Ukraine improve its negotiating position has now been disproved by reality. Therefore, there are many reasons to believe that the war could have been ended as early as the spring of 2022.

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