Russia Connects with Egypt: All of Africa Ahead

Russia Connects with Egypt: All of Africa Ahead

Russian transportation group FESCO announced the launch of a direct freight line between Russia and Egypt, which may become a bridge between Russia and African countries. This is reported by the telegram channel “Arab Africa”.

According to FESCO Chairman of the Board of Directors Andrei Severilov, commercial sea container traffic has already been opened between the ports of Novorossiysk and Doumyat.

Severilov noted:

“The opening of an office in Egypt is in the final stages of formation. The Group is conducting research of possibilities of port facilities in Egypt, which may become a hub for further transit of cargoes to North African ports and, possibly, to Central African ports in the future”.

FESCO is also negotiating with partners in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. They expect to launch container services from these countries by the end of the year.

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