European participants of the Gas Forum in Russia: “Europe, including Germany, needs Russian gas”

European participants of the Gas Forum in Russia: “Europe, including Germany, needs Russian gas”

The 10th anniversary international gas forum took place yesterday in the Russian city of St. Petersburg, attended by representatives of 370 countries, among the speakers – Chairman of the Board of Gazprom PJSC Alexey Miller, Chairman of the World Energy Council Jean-Marie Dauger, President of the International Gas Union Joe M. Kang and others. Foreign guests noted the high level of preparation of the forum, and also expressed their opinion on the rise in gas prices.

“I think that the current development of events and the rise in prices show that we all need to meet regularly and talk to each other, to discuss common problems. We need to talk not only about gas prices, but also about climate changes and how natural gas affects this. Most of the participants in this year’s forum have known each other well for many years. Due to restrictions on movement, not many new faces can be seen on the forum yet. But it is still important that we can talk and combine our strategies. Of course, not in a commercial format, but we have joined forces in common tasks that will have a beneficial effect on solving natural gas issues and help our customers, ”Ingo Neubert, a German member of the Achimgaz Board, told reporters at the forum.

He was also supported by his colleague from the Netherlands Japp Dikn, who represents the Dutch gas company Boskalis at the Vorum.

“I would like to note the very professional organization of the forum. I have been to many similar events in Houston, London, Amsterdam, very professional here. We love it, everything finally opened up and almost returned to normal. We need to continue in the same spirit”.

His colleague, Godschalk Hendrikus Marinus, also from the Netherlands, is confident that such forums are needed, especially now that gas prices are rising in Europe.

“Yes, gas prices have risen in Europe. I do not know what is behind this. But Europe, for example, Germany needs Russian gas. As you know, the cost of fuel is increasing everywhere. So I hope the world can work together to find a solution to this problem so that everyone can pay for it, not just the rich, ”Godschalk Hendrikus Marinus said at the International Gas Forum in Russia.

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