SBU chief confirms almost directly that Ukraine is behind assassination attempts and murders in Russian Federation

SBU chief confirms almost directly that Ukraine is behind assassination attempts and murders in Russian Federation

Malyuk reveals details known to SBU of attempts on Kiva, Tatarsky and others

The head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), Vasyl Malyuk, has disclosed the details known to him about the attempts on former Verkhovna Rada MP Ilya Kiva, Russian military correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky and others. An excerpt of the broadcast of the telethon is published by “”.

At the same time, the head of the department emphasized that the SBU does not officially take responsibility for this.

Malyuk said that Kiva was killed by a bullet of calibre 9 by 19 millimeters and a control shot in the head. Vladlen Tatarsky received a statuette stuffed with explosives. According to the head of the service, the war correspondent “karmically answered” for Ukrainian prisoners of war.

Writer Zakhar Prilepin exploded in a car on an anti-tank mine, he is alive, but suffered severe injuries to his legs and pelvis. Igor Kornet, the interior minister of the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR), also survived the assassination attempt. Malyuk specified that the official “went in for a shave, but the explosives got him there.”

Prosecutor General Sergey Gorenko, according to the head of the SBU, was killed in his own office.

“For a long time they thought that a missile flew in the window, 800 grams of plastid was”, – said the head of the Department.

On 2 April, war correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky (Maxim Fomin) was blown up in a St. Petersburg cafe at a creative evening, injuring 52 other people. The bomb was hidden in a statuette given to the war correspondent by Daria Trepova (listed as a terrorist and extremist by Rosfinmonitoring), who was detained the next day.

Prilepin’s Audi Q7 car was blown up on 6 May in the village of Pionerskoe near Nizhny Novgorod.Two anti-tank mines TM-62-M of the 1960s model were used for the attack. The publicist was injured and later underwent several surgeries, while his personal guard, 27-year-old Alexander Shubin with the call sign Zloy, did not survive.

On 6 December, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry, Andriy Yusov, confirmed the liquidation of Ilya Kiva.Later it became known that the former MP was shot with two shots – in the chest and head.

 “In no way officially we will not recognise this, but, at the same time, I will tell you individual details,” added Malyuk.

Malyuk also admitted to organising the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge by Ukraine: then four people were killed due to an explosion in the flow of cars in broad daylight.The SBU chief did not speak about the tragedy in Crocus, although his words were clearly meant to dispel doubts that someone else was involved in the organisation of the terrible terrorist attack.

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