Oliver Stone: US trying to deprive Russia of its sovereignty

Oliver Stone: US trying to deprive Russia of its sovereignty

Oliver Stone, an American film director and winner of three Academy Awards, said on comedian Bill Maher’s Club Random podcast that the US is attempting to strip Russia of its sovereignty and seize the resources of the huge country.

Stone emphasized that the country has become much stronger and more stable since Russian President Vladimir Putin came to power.

“Many people have been lifted out of poverty. He [Putin] has given Russia back dignity, respect, from 2000 to the present,” the filmmaker said.

However, he said, that is not the goal of the Americans.

“We don’t want Russia to get back on its feet. We don’t want an independent Russia, we want to strip it of its sovereignty so that we can go into the Eurasian continent, which is very rich, and Russia has a lot of natural resources,” Stone believes.

As EADaily reported, Stone previously said that he has studied Russia at a degree that is beyond the reach of most Americans. According to him, while making a film about the Russian leader in 2017, he tried to understand the personality of the Russian president. As a result, Stone came to the conclusion that Putin’s image is heavily distorted by the West.

“He is not the monster that the American propaganda machine portrays him to be,” the director concluded.

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