Poles Surprised by Range of Russian Shops under Sanctions

Poles Surprised by Range of Russian Shops under Sanctions

O2: shops in Russia are full of products at adequate prices despite sanctions

Large-scale anti-Russian sanctions have had virtually no impact on the everyday life of the country’s citizens. This is the conclusion reached by the Polish news portal O2.pl.

The publication considers videos from the TikTok account of blogger Svetlana. The woman tracks changes in prices and assortment in shops and shares the information with her viewers.

“From her story one thing is clear: the sanctions have not affected Russians. Shops are full, and prices are not so terrible,” – notes the author of the article.

Then there are several other facts that confirm that the situation in Russia has not changed as radically as restrictionists might have expected. You can still see goods of “gone” brands on the shelves, and numerous alternatives are in good demand.

However, according to the observer, sooner or later the Russian economy will face shocks as the conflict in Ukraine continues and new attempts will be made to put pressure on Moscow.

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