Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences: “Man is not to blame for climate change and global warming”

Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences: “Man is not to blame for climate change and global warming”

The promoted idea that human activity has caused climate change and increased natural disasters does not correspond to reality. Global warming is influenced by the degassing of natural hydrogen and the decay of the potassium isotope. This is the decision of the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) on complex problems of Eurasian economic integration, modernization and competitiveness.

The Scientific Council of the RAS on Complex Problems of Eurasian Economic Integration, Modernization, Competitiveness discussed the results of research on the impact of natural hydrogen degassing and potassium isotope decay on global and local climate processes and came to a conclusion that completely contradicts the global trend to blame humans for climate change.

“We publish the decision of our scientific council of the Russian Academy of Sciences, adopted after the discussion of two scientific discoveries that fundamentally change our ideas about the causes and mechanisms of global warming,” the chairman of the council, former adviser to the Russian president Academician Sergey Glazyev wrote in his Telegram channel. – In particular, they show that the main cause of ocean warming and warming of the Earth is the removal of the isotope of potassium from its bowels. The power of this heat flow is 1 watt per square meter, which is a quarter of the heat flow from solar radiation. This is orders of magnitude greater than the effect of the greenhouse effect that mankind is trying to combat at great cost, with no real results.

In turn, the main cause of local climatic disasters, continues Sergey Glazyev, is the increasing emission of natural hydrogen under the influence of the changing gravitational forces of the Moon and the Sun, which generates ozone holes.

“The increasing temperature due to this and the mixing of ozone and hydrogen is the main cause of forest and steppe fires. Including those that have occurred recently. This discovery completely disavows the concept of the Montreal Protocol, the implementation of which ruined entire sub-industries of the chemical industry with no effect on the size of the ozone holes, which only increased,” adds the RAS Academician.

The RAS Academician cites the recommendations of the scientific council, among which is the preparation of information about the results of studies for the President of Russia with scientific justification of necessary measures in the sphere of national security and international relations, including the Montreal Protocol and the Paris agreement on climate.

The Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences also decided to talk about non-economic factors of climate change at the September international conference on climate in the UAE.

The global trend today is to blame human activity for climate change, which leads to the emission of greenhouse gases. This point of view is already leading to a restructuring of the world economy and energy crises, as Western countries seek to accelerate the abandonment of fossil fuels, of which they are importers, and to switch to renewable energy sources.

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