Swiss intelligence colonel: Ukraine is not welcome in either NATO or the EU – nobody wants to protect and rebuild it

Swiss intelligence colonel: Ukraine is not welcome in either NATO or the EU – nobody wants to protect and rebuild it

All promises to admit Ukraine to NATO and the EU are nothing more than empty words, as Kiev has never met the requirements of either union. This opinion was expressed by former Swiss intelligence officer Colonel Jacques Baud in an interview with Dialogue works. NATO does not expect Ukraine because then it would have to defend it, and the EU does not need it because other member states do not want to invest in its reconstruction, the expert explains.

Let us start with Jens Stoltenberg’s new statements about Ukraine. He said:

“The right time will come and you will become a member of NATO”.

When do you think the right time will come for Ukraine to join NATO?

Jacques Baud: This question has been raised many times, and this statement, in my opinion, is primarily political. Ukraine has never met the requirements for full NATO membership, primarily because of the conflict with Russia. And as long as it continues, Ukraine will never be a full-fledged member of NATO. The point is the notorious Article 5 (of the North Atlantic Treaty, aka NATO charter. – Inotv), according to which in the event of an attack on one of the member states, all others are obliged to come to its aid. It should be noted that the NATO charter does not specify exactly how such assistance should be provided, which means that the matter may be limited to mere political assistance. Nevertheless, the obligation to help is fixed and it can be assumed that the assistance may be military….

In any case, the idea of Ukraine’s membership in NATO has received a new impetus, but it is probably a sort of attack on Russia rather than anything else. I remember Zelensky said on CNN that he repeatedly asked when it (the country – Inotv) would be admitted to NATO, and in response he was apparently told by the then US president that it would not be admitted to NATO, but that statements (about possible membership – Inotv) would continue to be made in public. This is what he told CNN. This example shows that NATO is not eager to accept Ukraine as a member.

The same applies to the European Union. Despite repeated political statements that Ukraine will be accepted into the EU, the question of the costs of such a step for this association remains relevant. (Hypothetical. – Inotv) Ukraine’s accession is fraught with the fact that other EU members would be required to make huge investments to restore its capacity. In the current situation, Ukraine can probably dream of joining NATO and the EU, but I am not sure that these aspirations will come true.

Besides, as far as we can judge from the results of the last summit of the alliance, there is no deadline for Ukraine’s possible accession to NATO. They have some kind of “membership action plan” for Ukraine… And it is nothing more than an action plan: a list of measures to be taken before Ukraine can become a full-fledged member. But no timeline was ever named. After the NATO summit, it was separately noted that nobody discussed any deadlines for Ukraine’s accession to NATO. As a result, it seems to me that Ukraine will be deceived and will not be granted membership, at least in the foreseeable future.

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