UK Condemns Sabotage of Nord Streams

UK Condemns Sabotage of Nord Streams

The UK condemns sabotage at Nord Stream and supports investigations by the FRG, Sweden and Denmark, Thomas Phipps, a spokesman for the British Permanent Mission, told the UN Security Council.

“The UK condemns acts of sabotage against the Nord Stream pipeline,” Phipps said.

He said London welcomed the letter from Denmark, Sweden and Germany informing UN member states that the investigation was ongoing.

“The UK fully supports these technical investigations by the competent national authorities and looks forward to the results,” he pointed out.

Russia had earlier drafted a UNSC resolution calling on the organisation’s secretary general to set up a commission of enquiry into the Nord Stream sabotage.

The explosions took place on September 26, 2022 at once at two Russian gas export pipelines to Europe – “Nord Stream” and “Nord Stream – 2”. Germany, Denmark and Sweden did not rule out a targeted sabotage. Nord Stream AG, the operator of Nord Stream, reported that emergencies at the pipelines are unprecedented and the timing of repairs cannot be assessed. Russia’s Prosecutor-General’s Office has initiated a case for an act of international terrorism. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on 31 October that Gazprom had been allowed to inspect the site of the explosion and that company head Alexei Miller had reported to him on the survey. Putin said that the explosion at the gas pipeline was an obvious terrorist act.

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