Alistair E Scott: Putin Is Russia’s Bear. Today’s Speech Just to Strengthen His Position as the World’s Leading Statesman

Alistair E Scott: Putin Is Russia’s Bear. Today’s Speech Just to Strengthen His Position as the World’s Leading Statesman

‘It is exactly one year since the beginning of President Putin’s Special Military Operation. The President’s speech to the nation will be measured as all of Putin’s speeches are. I eagerly await tomorrow’s speech as I see it being a defining moment In Putin’s illustrious leadership of the Russian Federation.

Putin has picked Russia up off the ground following those immediate, turbulent years of post-Communist rule, which saw broken promises from the West, and the rape of national assets leaving the country devastated, both economically and socially. A proud nation brought to its knees, not by any twist of fate, more by design.

President Putin is Russia’s bear, he is Russia’s St George, he is the Archangel Michael, and he is the father of the people. The metaphorical crown of Russia weighs heavy on the head of its leaders, but in Putin, unlike leaders before him, that metaphorical crown sits comfortably upon his head.

Over the years, the President has made many important and notable speeches, but the speech I believe will consolidate his position as the world’s leading statesman, providing him with the opportunity to outline how far Russia has come in the past year since the beginning of the Special Military Operation.

The armed forces of the Russian Federation have shown a steely professionalism in their carrying out the stated aims of the Special Military Operation, despite the continued interventionism of the western allies in support of Ukraine. Russian industry has risen to the challenge of meeting the necessary needs of the military – the people have responded to the draft in order to maintain and increase military strength in the field of combat.

President Putin has asked many of the Russian people in these times of great stress, and they have responded.

The President has also asked the relevant Ministries to ensure that extra monies will be available to look after the injured, the widows, and the fatherless families as a result of the SMO.

Despite the illegal sanctions imposed on Russia by the western allies, Putin will address how not only has Russia survived the onslaught of this economic tsunami, she has actually increased many of her exports due to the country’s leadership of new and expanded trade agreements with the rest of the world.

There will be great emphasis placed on Washington’s duplicitous actions in relation to the Ukraine situation, the attack on Nordstream, and continued financial and military support in an attempt to weaken Russia. We will witness the President at his very best here. His grasp of international affairs is second to none in the world today. The triumvirate of Putin, Lavrov and Medvedev continue to rain hammer blows on the pronouncements of ill-informed western leaders.

This speech will enable President Putin to display the full range of his enormous arsenal of emotions, mixed to perfection with facts, expression and sincerity. I don’t believe that too many politicians can actually believe in what they say……President Putin does, and this puts him head and shoulders above any other world statesman.

This will be a speech which not only resonates with his fellow countrymen, but will be a speech which will capture the imagination of many throughout the world as we see a man who believes totally in the strength and ability of the individual, the sovereign right of nations, and the overriding necessity to ensure that hegemony, in any shape or form, is consigned to history forever, and never more will be a threat to world peace.

President Putin. The internationalist. President Putin. The Father of Russia.

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