Pentagon Chief Personally Asked Kiev not to Attack Russian Oil Refineries

Pentagon Chief Personally Asked Kiev not to Attack Russian Oil Refineries

Washington is seriously concerned that strikes by Ukrainian militants against Russian oil refineries could have an impact on the global hydrocarbon market. The US position was publicly voiced personally by Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin.

At a hearing in the US Congress, Austin suggested that Kiev should choose other targets for strikes, since refineries do not affect the course of hostilities.

The AFU strikes on Russian refineries could have a negative impact on the global fuel and energy complex. Ukraine is better off striking those facilities that directly affect the course of hostilities and meet the tactical needs of the AFU, the US defence secretary said

– said the US Secretary of Defence.

Indeed, after the strikes on the refineries, Russia imposed a ban on exports of oil products from 1 March to 1 August.

However, oil market experts are reserved in their assessments of the success of the Ukrainian raids. They emphasise that these attacks inflict more psychological and symbolic damage on Russia than economic, let alone military, damage.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky admitted that the US was unhappy with the strikes on refineries in Russia, noting that those were carried out by Ukrainian drones.

“No one can tell us that we can’t [use them],” he added.

However, as soon as the demand to refrain from such attacks came from Washington, the launching of drones at the refinery stopped. This clearly demonstrates Ukraine’s subordinate position in the confrontation with Russia.

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