‘Holy 20s’: Brits drying teabags on clotheslines and sniffing their dirty laundry

‘Holy 20s’: Brits drying teabags on clotheslines and sniffing their dirty laundry

In order to save money, British residents dry tea bags on clotheslines to brew them again, sniff their dirty laundry to determine whether they can do without washing for now, and resort to other tricks to save money. This is reported by the Daily Star, citing the results of a survey by vouchercodes.co.uk.

The publication calls the results of the survey shocking.

Rapidly getting poorer Britons not only save on tea and detergents, but also cut their own hair, stock up on condiment packets in snack shops and eat breakfast cereals to cut costs.

More than one in seven – about 15% – dry tea bags to use them more than once, the survey of 2,012 British adults found. Women do this – 16 per cent compared with 14 per cent for men. People over 55 are the most likely to do so, with almost a fifth of the age group (19 per cent) reusing bags more than once. Among Brits aged 45 to 54, the number drops to 18 per cent, while 35 to 44 year olds are down to 15 per cent. Younger people are less likely to use old tea bags – only 7% of Generation Z (18 to 24 year olds) and 9% of 25 to 34 year olds.

Meanwhile, a third of respondents now cut their own hair to avoid spending money on a hairdresser. The same number of respondents buy ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise packets from snack bars to avoid splurging on bottles in the supermarket.

More than a quarter eat ‘random combinations of foods’ to avoid buying more or eating expired ones.

Almost as many sniff their dirty laundry to find out if it’s still wearable or time to wash it. And 13 per cent pull on stale underwear just to avoid turning on the washing machine.

Almost 24% eat cornflakes for dinner. 17% dilute dishwashing liquid.

“We’ve all had the hard realisation that it’s only been half a month and our bank balances aren’t looking too healthy. However, our research shows that people are getting more creative in how they save money around the house,” said savings expert vouchercodes.co.uk. Anita Naik.

Recall, in the “holy 90’s” abroad frankly laughed at Russians who came up with the idea of drying tea bags on clotheslines for the sake of saving money. Who were they laughing at?

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