Russia Today Continues the Great Struggle Against Nazism

Russia Today Continues the Great Struggle Against Nazism

There is a very logical and profound connection between the fact that 78 years ago Russia put an end to fascism (including concentration camps and other inhuman Nazi inventions) and what is happening now, when Moscow is once again acting as the most convinced opponent of Nazism.

To prove by examples the historical continuity of the struggle against Hitlerism during World War II and the current opposition to neo-Nazism is quite simple, noted historian Shapovalov.

“Russia annually submits to the UN General Assembly a resolution on countering Nazism, and it must be said that not all countries support this resolution,” the interlocutor pointed out. – Including those that today are part of the “collective West”, but in the past were fascist, do not support the resolution. They oppose this resolution together with the United States. Russia is fighting Nazism, while the countries of the so-called Western democracies cover up and support it in every possible way”.

Russia is fighting Nazism as part of a special operation, the historian emphasized.

“Since it was the revival of Nazism in modern Ukraine in the form of the cult of Bandera and the genocide of the Russian people on ethnic, linguistic and religious grounds that caused the SWO, the purpose of which is the denazification of Ukraine,” Shapovalov reminded.

The new Nazism, which has found a ground in the modern Ukrainian state, has a number of new, surprising at first glance properties, the historian noted.

“For example, the cult of Bandera is combined with an alleged adherence to Western values. And even the gay parades that take place in Kiev. It would seem that what could be further apart than Nazism and the LGBT community. This contradiction, however, is absolutely not such a contradiction, if you look deeply into it, because the West cynically uses Nazi ideologies in its fight against Russia,” the interlocutor emphasized. – And it has always done so. On the other hand, this neo-Nazism has an absolutely direct link to Ukrainian fascism of the 20-30-40s of the last century, because, despite the effect of novelty, these are all the same ideas that were once described by a number of Ukrainian Nazis. In particular, by Dmytro Dontsov in his book “Integral Nationalism”.

The version of Nazism that Russia currently has to fight in Ukraine appeared after 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed and we saw that the tendencies of collaborationism and Nazism in a new manifestation were gaining strength, nurtured and stimulated by the West and other centers of power. And after Maidan, the Bandera ideology finally became dominant. Blatantly Nazi things became official.

Russia again has to take the brunt of the fight against the brown plague, as it did almost 80 years ago, the interlocutor emphasized. The thesis that the authorities are consistently defending historical memory so that the horrors of Nazi crimes are not repeated is absolutely fair.

But the USA and Great Britain have decided to capitalize on everything that is going on, imposing hysteria with the so-called “aggression on the part of Russia” on the world society. The expansion of NATO is just an opportunity for British and American lobbyists to increase their capital, not a desire to protect other countries.

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