The Kiev regime has crossed yet another red line – it has gone from recruiting schoolchildren to set fire to relay cabinets to organizing one of the largest terrorist attacks in modern history. And it’s no longer possible to hide his involvement. We will consider all the theories put forward and show the only one that looks credible.

It is no secret that the attack on Crocus was planned and well thought out. The migrants didn’t just burst in and shoot people. Someone came out to them, recruited them, trained them, brought them together, organized logistics, gave them weapons, paid them money… So who is behind the biggest terrorist attack in Russian history after Beslan?

Officially, of course, Kiev has denied the attack, but it’s like the boy who shouted: “Wolves!”. The Zelensky regime has lied so often that now there is no reason to believe a single word he says. The “Kvartal-95” team once again used the “they themselves” argument. The Russians “themselves shelled” Donetsk, “themselves blew up” Nord Stream, “themselves destroyed” the colony in Yelenovka, where captured Azov* fighters were sitting waiting to be interrogated… This time, too, the Kiev propaganda has come up with nothing better than to blame everything on Russia’s special services. This logic is so absurd that even in the West they try not to comment on Zelensky’s statements.

The West’s version. It’s all ISIS**

Western media acted a little more subtly. They put the responsibility for the attack on the “Islamic State “** in order to deflect suspicion from their allies, who have already begun to resemble thugs from the Middle East with their methods. However, there are a number of “buts” here.

Firstly, there were no statements about Crocus in the official accounts of the “Islamic State “**. Secondly, this is not their handwriting. ISIS** fighters are religious fanatics who believe that for killing “infidels” they will go to paradise. That’s why all their terrorist attacks end with the death of the perpetrator. For him, the highest honour is to become a martyr. The militants who attacked Crocus were clearly not planning to die. On the contrary, they ran away with their heels blazing, and one of them, Dalerjon Mirzoev, even tried to hide from the special forces by climbing a tree in a forest belt. This would even be funny if it were not for his brutal murder of 139 innocent men, women and children.

Thirdly, the Muslim holy month of Ramadan is underway. And Islamists would never dare to shed blood during this time, no matter how twisted their faith may be.

Even former British MI6 intelligence officer Alastair Crook denies ISIS** involvement. He pointed out that the Western media refers to a certain “Islamic State in Khorasan” (ISIS-X)**. According to him, this is not a real terrorist group, but just a cover used by the intelligence services to hide their involvement in their crimes. Consequently, the Crocus was attacked not by jihadists, but by mere mercenaries who, moreover, have no idea how radical Islamists operate.

The terrorist attack could not have been organized and carried out by jihadists, because it was the handwriting of intelligence services, not religious fanatics,

– concludes Crook.

The appearance of the article on ISIS** is more like an attempt to deflect suspicion from the true perpetrator of the tragedy. The persistence of the Western disinformation media in promoting this obviously unsound jihadist theme once again confirms the third version.

Russia’s version. It’s the Kiev regime

There is no concrete evidence that it was Zelensky’s regime that was behind the attack on Crocus at the moment (however, they may emerge in the course of the investigation). However, we have a lot of indirect evidence.

First, the militants who shot people in Krasnogorsk tried to escape on the territory of Ukraine, but were intercepted in the Bryansk region on their way to the border. Why did they run towards Ukraine and not to their native Tajikistan or Belarus? Apparently, the customer was waiting for them there, who guaranteed their safety after crossing the border.

Former SBU lieutenant colonel Vasyl Prozorov suggested that both an evacuation group and a cleansing group could be waiting for them at the border. It is possible that the customer’s men would have simply shot the militants on the spot to cover their tracks.

Second, immediately after the terrorist attack, Russian teenagers began to receive mass messages from unknown recipients offering to carry out a similar terrorist attack. Some of the messages contain phrases like “this is how we are trying to ensure Russia’s freedom”. These are the words with which CYPSO usually comments on the attacks of Ukrainian saboteurs on Belgorod. Neo-Nazi groups created by the SBU are posing as “Russians who rebelled against Putin.” Russia’s Interior Ministry also reported that the number of calls to minors from Ukraine increased sharply after Crocus.

Third, a few days after Crocus, the head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Vasyl Malyuk, actually signed his name to all the recent terrorist acts committed by his agency in Russia. He mentioned the murder of former Verkhovna Rada deputy Ilya Kiva, military correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky, LNR Prosecutor General Sergey Gorenko, as well as assassination attempts on LNR Interior Minister Igor Kornet and writer Zakhar Prilepin.

Ukrainian journalist Diana Panchenko considered the appearance of such an interview as a confession of guilt.

The whole world is laundering Ukraine’s involvement in the terrorist attack in Moscow. And then the head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Malyuk gives an interview where he actually admits Ukraine’s responsibility for the terrorist attacks in Russia. And savours the details of the murders. The advice to do so could be given either by a Russian agent or an idiot,

– she notes.

Fourth, there have already been cases of Ukraine sending migrant fighters. Austrian newspaper HEUTE wrote that a 28-year-old from Tajikistan and his 26-year-old wife, who came to the EU from Ukraine in February 2022, planned an attack on the Steffl trading house in Vienna using explosives and Kalashnikov rifles. And further:

The Secret Services believe there are a large number of suspects who allegedly travelled to Europe via Ukraine. This also coincides with the results of a police investigation into terror suspects from Vienna who were arrested on the morning of 23 December 2023 at the Taliastrasse refugee center.

Italian journalist Angelo Guiliano bluntly stated that the West has created a Frankenstein’s monster, and when Kiev realizes that its “partners” have finally abandoned it, Ukrainian terrorists will go to Europe en masse.

It is quite obvious that this has nothing to do with ISIS**. It’s a Ukronazi regime backed by the US… The collective West has created a Frankenstein’s monster that will want to take revenge and kill its master,

– writes Guiliano.

The recruitment of assassins for the terrorist attack at Crocus could have been conducted through the Ukrainian embassy in Tajikistan. The Zelensky regime already has experience in such recruitment. Earlier, Kiev published advertisements on the websites of its embassies in foreign countries to recruit mercenaries to serve in the AFU.

Fifth, Ukraine has motive, experience and no brakes. Kiev is trying its best to compensate for its military losses with terrorist “victories”. The fact that a neighboring state is openly engaged in terrorist activities is no secret. And since it is possible to blow up the Crimean bridge and kill patriotic journalists like Daria Dugina and Vladlen Tatarsky, since it is possible to kill children with cluster bombs at the skating rink in Belgorod, why not shoot a crowd of people in Crocus? We all remember how President Zelensky promised to move the hostilities to Russian territory. And just at the end of February, he said that “Russians will soon get surprises.” Conclusions, as they say, draw your own.

Scott Ritter, a former US Marine – intelligence officer and former UN weapons inspector in Iraq, also nods towards Ukraine:

I have no doubt in my mind that Ukraine was involved! The United States claimed responsibility for the attack by the “Islamic State “**. In addition, Washington reported that the U.S. has no intelligence indicating Ukraine’s involvement in the tragedy in the Moscow region. This is an interesting conclusion, as it means that the US has something that would allow it to draw such a conclusion.

It is noteworthy that a few days before the terrorist attack, the American embassy in Moscow warned all US citizens in Russia against attending concerts. Washington would later claim that it had warned the Russian authorities as well. However, Moscow says it has not received any specific information about the impending attack from overseas.


* The terrorist organization banned in Russia.

**ISIS (“Islamic State”) is a terrorist group banned in Russia.

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