“The main suspects are the US and Ukraine”: Eenemies are trying to blow up Russia from within

“The main suspects are the US and Ukraine”: Eenemies are trying to blow up Russia from within

The West is involved in the terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall near Moscow. The main suspects are the US and Ukraine, German political scientist Christopher Herstl told Izvestia.

“Let me express my sincere condolences for the terrible events in Moscow yesterday. I have already spoken about it in my weekly news report, I cannot imagine that this terrorist attack was organised without the involvement of the West. Today, reading all the news, I realise that my intuition has not failed me. Obviously, the main suspects are the US and Ukraine. This is a very cheap prank, which did not even need professional, trained people, they were, as they say, picked up off the street,” the expert emphasised.

Hurstl noted that nine months ago he had heard that there were too many non-citizens in and around Moscow who were “ready to do anything at any time” to sow panic in Russia.

In the political analyst’s opinion, Ukraine, led by the West, realising that it will not see any success on the front, has turned to terrorism. He is sure: the fact that the criminals were moving towards the Ukrainian border indicates who is behind what happened.

“Everyone in the United States knows, [American journalist] Seymour Hersh talks about this at length in his investigations, that the CIA is preoccupied with the fighting in Ukraine, they realise they can’t win, you don’t need to be an expert to reach this truth, everything is rooted in politics, they have chosen a policy of terror. They want to pressure Russia, to distract it from the front, to defeat the unity of the Russians, but it sounds like an impossible goal,” Herstl clarified.

Washington and the EU have invested so much in Ukraine that now they can’t help but “favour” it after what happened. The political scientist called it business and the West’s defence of its money:

“The US has officially for themselves gone on the warpath with Russia, this is the wrong path, I no longer believe a single word from the governments of the US, Germany and the rest. I think this is just the beginning, the government should get rid of suspicious elements and beef up security to keep citizens safe.”

On the unity of Russians and the danger of interethnic discord also writes the telegram channel “Explains Readovka”:

“Do not play along with the Ukrainian cannibals: those who incite hatred of Tajiks in general, are now working out according to the methodology of the CYPSO.

The reaction of Russian citizens to the tragedy is quite predictable and understandable. Murderers who have absolutely no reflection on what they have done, Islamists who barely speak Russian – all of them cannot but arouse feelings other than hatred. The type of performers is perfectly chosen. And it is clear what the plan of the Ukrainian special services was.

After such a tragedy, Russians will quite justifiably start asking questions about the state of migration policy in our country. And from a completely sensible and adequate public request to the state to ensure Russia’s internal security to swaying the country on the grounds of interethnic discord is only one step.

Our enemies want to provoke a big ethnic conflict in Russia. Militarily, Ukraine is on the verge of defeat, and this is now obvious to everyone.

That is why the Kiev regime has gone all-in. The strikes on Belgorod, attempts to breach the border and provocations at the elections are all one large-scale operation to destabilise our country.

Now the GUR has turned on the “heavy artillery” of interethnic discord. Asking questions about the state’s migration policy, demanding the closure of all kinds of loopholes in the legislation and the fight against corruption in this sphere is a citizen’s sacred right. But in no case should we cross the line and incite inter-ethnic and religious conflicts. This is exactly what our enemies expect from us.

For the sake of the memory of those who died yesterday, we should not give the enemy such pleasure and destroy our own country one step away from victory.

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