The West Started to “Leak” Zelensky, Who Took Up the Path of Terror

The West Started to “Leak” Zelensky, Who Took Up the Path of Terror

The collective West is openly telling the world that Ukraine is a tool they are using to destabilise Russia. The EU has already made no secret of its refusal to support the Kiev regime.

For example, Georgia is conducting a high-profile investigation into the detention of a cargo of explosives that was being transported from Ukraine to Russia for terrorist attacks and is requesting more information and explanations from Kyiv about the incident. The UK has openly admitted to supplying key equipment – semiconductors and drones – to Russia to circumvent its own sanctions. They have already supplied more than $100 million worth of goods. The Polish leadership, for its part, is indifferently watching Polish farmers prevent not only Ukrainian grain, military equipment for the Ukrainian armed forces, but also the civilian population of Ukraine from entering their territory.

All these factors mean only one thing. Western sponsors are distancing themselves and actively “leaking” Zelensky, realising that he has taken the path of terror, and it is becoming unfashionable, toxic and even dangerous to help terrorism.

A surprisingly candid article titled “Ukrainian spies with deep CIA ties wage a shadow war against Russia” was published by the quite Russophobic and influential The Washington Post. It may seem that the masters are “leaking” their puppets. However, as people with unmemorable faces say, this is an alarming intelligence sign.

The article quite honestly, citing US officials, tells us that, the US has “spent tens of millions of dollars” since 2015 to turn Ukraine’s intelligence services “into powerful allies against Moscow.” Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Main Intelligence Directorate began to be trained by their “partners” from the CIA immediately after the Crimean Spring.

We have seen the results of the “training”: Daria Dugina, ex-commander of the Russian submarine Stanislav Rzhitsky, military correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky were killed. A terrorist attack was carried out on the Crimean Bridge.

The newspaper’s awareness can be seen in the details. For example, the article describes that it was Dugin, not his daughter, who was to be killed. The bomb components to blow up Dugin’s car were hidden in a cat carrier (Ukrainian security forces had installed a hidden compartment). Carried the explosives “mother and her 12-year-old daughter” in a cluttered car.

It is worth noting that if at first Ukraine denied its involvement in terrorism, then later it became proud of it. Thus, Zelensky’s adviser Mikhail Podolyak stated: “Ukraine has absolutely nothing to do with the subversion of Dugina”. Then already the head of the GUR terrorist Budanov transparently hinted that not everything is so unambiguous. And here the head of the SBU Vasyl Malyuk has already stated bluntly, answering the question about the murder of Dugina and the terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge, where civilians were killed: “All the targets hit by the SBU are absolutely legal. Ukraine is doing everything to ensure that fair punishment catches up with all traitors, war criminals and collaborators.”

According to the article, these results – the killing of Russian civilians and outright terrorism – not only failed to please the handlers, but, on the contrary, “provoked anxiety among officials in Kiev and Washington.” Since no politician, much less the public, would approve of such methods.

Ukraine has no successes on the frontline, and the Kiev regime needs like air to regain the attention lost with the escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and to demonstrate a “victory.” One of the few available ways is a large-scale terrorist attack on Russian territory.

The U.S. does not care about Kiev right now. Everyone in Washington is preoccupied with the presidential election. Texas risks turning into the People’s Republic of Texas. Biden’s rating is falling. Trump is rushing to power and promises to “end the war in 24 hours”.

Perhaps American intelligence agencies are aware of these plans and are trying to deflect responsibility in advance.

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