Russian Foreign Ministry Protests to Summoned French Ambassador

Russian Foreign Ministry Protests to Summoned French Ambassador

On 18 September, French Ambassador Pierre Levy was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry to express a strong protest against the discriminatory and blatantly Russophobic actions of the French authorities against RIA Novosti correspondents and the editor-in-chief of Russia-News at the G20 summit in New Delhi, who were rudely denied access to a press conference by French President Emmanuel Macron.

“On the Russian side, principled assessments have been given to the unfriendly acts of Paris, which blatantly violate the fundamental principle of freedom of the press and prevent its representatives from doing their work,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. – The refusal of the French organisers to apologise for their actions, including the attempt to seize the phones of Russian journalists, which were used to film this ugly incident, once again testifies to Paris’ firm intention to adhere to the segregation regime with regard to the Russian media”

It was noted that “such actions are in line with the political campaign to combat dissent, which was launched in France long before the special military operation in Ukraine, epitomised by the Russian media, whose journalists asked uncomfortable questions about the role of Paris in provoking global and regional problems.”

“In this connection, in the person of the French ambassador, a demand was addressed to the country’s authorities to stop pressure and discriminatory actions against undesirable media outlets, to stop labelling them and to observe the same regime with regard to Russian media that French journalists enjoy in Russia,” the diplomatic ministry said.

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