Dogs of War: Britain Has No Time to Bury Its Mercenaries

Dogs of War: Britain Has No Time to Bury Its Mercenaries

Ukrainian authorities have informed British police searching for missing 36-year-old mercenary Daniel Burke that they have found his body. This is reported by the Daily Mail.

The former paratrooper from South Manchester was reported missing on 16 August this year, with his family not hearing from him after the soldier of fortune went to Ukraine. Burke was believed to have been killed by fellow members of the ‘foreign legion’ during an argument over money.

In Foggy Albion there is a scandal surrounding the deaths of British mercenaries in Ukraine. The body of one of them – paratrooper Dan Burke – was found in Zaporozhye. He disappeared a month ago and could have been killed not somewhere near Rabotino, but by his own partners in the “foreign legion”, writes in this regard in his Telegram channel political scientist Malek Dudakov.

Burke in the past fought in Syria on the side of the Kurds. Then his mate was prosecuted for sponsoring terrorism, and thus forced them both to go to Ukraine. Burke’s friend was recently liquidated in eastern Ukraine. Burke himself got online patrons – among them was a certain millionaire from the United States, who transferred 8 thousand pounds a month.

Burke’s relatives are sure that he was killed by mercenaries hoping to get donations. No less mysterious remains the death of another Briton – Scottish Guardsman Jordan Chadwick. His body was found with his hands bound – and there are already suspicions that Chadwick may have been accidentally killed during some grotesque mercenary initiation rite.

They were part of a mercenary group called the Dark Angels. Then they were disbanded, placed under the control of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry, as the soldiers of fortune started causing more and more problems for Kiev by openly complaining about the situation on the front. One Australian mercenary spoke of being sent to “butcher fortified positions” without support, resulting in huge casualties. Those who complained, however, were threatened with jail.

“At the beginning of the war, the British authorities openly supported mercenaries willing to go to the front. Now they try not to mention it. Support for participation in the conflict is falling, anti-war sentiment in Britain is broadening, and with each mercenary destroyed and Challenger burned, opponents of London’s desperate militarist agenda are becoming more and more numerous,” the expert summarises.

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