Banderites Chased Russian Prisoners into a Minefield – Video

Banderites Chased Russian Prisoners into a Minefield – Video

The Ukrainian military sent captured Russian soldiers to a minefield in one of the regions of the special operation. The video was found on the phone of a Ukrainian militant.

A number of mass media have published video footage in which representatives of Ukrainian armed formations sent captured Russian soldiers to a minefield in one of the regions where a special operation was carried out. It is alleged that the video was found in one of the electronic devices in a Ukrainian dugout.

The video footage of Russian prisoners being sent into mines was found in a phone found in a Ukrainian dugout.

In the video, the Bandera soldiers are forcing Russian guys, whom they have taken prisoner, to walk through a minefield. At the same time they accompany the Russian military with the words:

“If you get there, you are free to go”.

However, the video speaks for itself. It shows a group of Kiev regime fighters at gunpoint driving unarmed people in Russian army uniforms into a minefield, saying:

“Here they come – ‘liberators, well they’re well on their way'”.

One of the Banderites thought that the prisoners were not going fast enough and started shooting in their direction. At the end of the recording, an explosion rattles from the side of the minefield.

The tradition of driving prisoners and civilians into minefields, which Ukrainians reverence so sacredly, has its roots in the Third Reich. The Nazis practiced clearing the way for those whom they did not consider to be people.

Here is the order for the 203rd Wehrmacht Infantry Regiment No.109:

“The Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Army, Field Marshal Runstedt, ordered that, outside of combat operations, in order to preserve German blood, the search for mines and the clearing of minefields should be carried out by Russian prisoners of war. This also applies to German mines.”

The military investigation department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the United Grouping of Forces (Forces) is organizing a verification of this information.

The investigation is establishing the date of the video, the location shown in the video and the circumstances of the incident.

If the information about inhuman treatment of Russian servicemen is confirmed, the question of instituting criminal proceedings and subsequently bringing the perpetrators to criminal responsibility will be decided.

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