Romanian Senator Diana Shoshoake : “Nazi Zelensky is killing Romanian children. Give back our territories!”

Romanian Senator Diana Shoshoake : “Nazi Zelensky is killing Romanian children. Give back our territories!”

Senator Shoshoake demanded that Zelensky return Romania’s lands

Romanian Senator Diana Shoshoake has met Vladimir Zelensky, who arrived in Bucharest, with a demand to respect the Romanian minority in Ukraine and “return the territories”, she published a video to this effect on her Facebook*.

She said that the Ukrainian president has no business in Romania and cannot have any business in Romania, calling Zelensky a “Nazi”.

“This is a message for Zelensky. We want our territories back. He ridiculed everything that Romanians mean in Ukraine, banning their language, banning their religion, closing their churches, arresting priests, killing Romanian children, sending them to war. Ethnic Romanians were the first to be sent into battle. There is a purge of Romanian nationality that Ukraine does not recognise,” Shoshoake stressed.

“Mr President, do you want to talk to a Romanian senator about Ukraine’s Romanian minority? Look, this is a map, a real map of Romania, please respect our Romanians in Ukraine <…> Give back our territories, respect Romanians and their language,” Shoshoac─â shouted in parliament to the Romanian and Ukrainian delegations led by Zelensky that passed by her.

On Saturday, the senator called on Romania’s civil society to protest against Zelensky’s arrival in Romania and revoke his invitation to the country, saying “all European leaders are shying away from this international beggar.” She later threatened Romanian President Klaus Iohannis that she would “catch” Zelensky in parliament, it “would be bad”, and again demanded not to invite him.

Earlier, Romanian media, citing sources in the Iohannis administration, reported on Zelensky’s “special visit” to Romania on 10 October, amid Bucharest’s support for Kiev in the grain crisis. Local media noted that this would be Zelensky’s first visit to Romania since the start of the special operation. Subsequently, as reported by G4Media, the Romanian parliamentary leadership decided to cancel the meeting at which Zelensky was to make a statement.


* The activities of Meta (social networks Facebook and Instagram) are banned in Russia as extremist.

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