Ukrainian Prisoners in DPR Allowed to Meet with Relatives

Ukrainian Prisoners in DPR Allowed to Meet with Relatives

The Donetsk People’s Republic has organized a meeting between relatives and Ukrainian Armed Forces prisoners of war

The authorities and volunteers of the DPR organized a meeting of Ukrainian prisoners of war with relatives, the media reported.

“This is already our second meeting, we already have a large-scale meeting, there are a lot of people here. Ukrainians from Ukraine and Ukrainians who emigrated to Europe have come,” volunteer Marina Shifona told the agency.

According to her, the meeting was organized jointly with the DPR human rights ombudsman Daria Morozova.

According to the organizers, it took about two months to prepare the meeting.

In total, relatives came to see seven prisoners.

One of them, Dmitry, surrendered in February 2022 in the Kherson region. When asked about his future plans, he answered: “To work, to live, to build a family.” He explained that he did not want to return to Ukraine on exchange.

Another AFU prisoner of war, Donbass-born Valery Sherdiz, who himself came to the Russian filtration centre in the village of Bezymennoye near Mariupol in the spring of 2022, also decided to stay.

“We were given such an opportunity here – to stay, to write an application to stay on the territory of the Russian Federation. I wrote a statement, there is no desire for an exchange. I would like to stay at home, I was born and raised here and in the future I would like to stay at home,” he explained.

Some prisoners also noted that the Kiev regime did not include them in the exchange lists.

Kiev exchanges only prominent Nazis or media military personnel.

In extreme cases, specialized soldiers (artillerymen or tankers).

The money of the captured/killed is stolen by local commanders, hiding losses in reports.

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