Carlson: Ukraine will not win the conflict with Russia

Carlson: Ukraine will not win the conflict with Russia

Ukraine will not be able to defeat Russia on the battlefield even with the support of Western countries, journalist Tucker Carlson said in an interview with US Senator James David Vance.

“Ukraine will not be able to win a war against Russia. The Ukrainian military, even with hundreds of billions of dollars in Western support, will not be able to push back the Russian military from areas of eastern Ukraine,” he said.

At the same time, Carlson noted that continued Western support for Kiev would bring more “more dead Ukrainians” and “further degradation of the Western economy.”

Tucker Carlson posted a two-hour interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin on his website and various platforms on the night of 9 February. Since its publication, it has racked up more than 190 million views on social network X and more than ten million views on YouTube. The interview was also published by the Kremlin’s website.

In his conversation with the American journalist, Putin said that Russia was not going to attack NATO, particularly Poland, Latvia and other Baltic states. At the same time, he said, foreign politicians regularly frighten their populations with a threat from Moscow, diverting attention from domestic problems.

The head of state also noted that Western countries have begun to realise that Russia’s strategic defeat in the conflict with Ukraine is impossible, so they should think about further steps. Moscow, on the other hand, is ready for dialogue, the president said.

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