Bharatiya Janata Party: “Europe Does not Understand the New Reality, Europeans Should Ask the Russians About It”

Bharatiya Janata Party: “Europe Does not Understand the New Reality, Europeans Should Ask the Russians About It”

Bharatiya Janata Party, president of the political organisation of foreign friends of the Indian People’s Party, gave a short interview to Russia News at the SPIEF and explained why it is time for Europe to forget what it was before February 2022. The whole world is now living in a different reality.

– Tell me, do you feel this new reality at SPIEF or not? We see that many countries are present here: Belgium, Germany and others. Why then is the West so fond of talking about some kind of isolation of Russia from the world?

– This is definitely not a question for the Russians, this is a question for Europe. They do not understand the new reality. They think that Europe and America are the whole world. They are wrong. If you ask me where Africa is. One Africa is what you know, the second Africa will be Europe. Europe will be the next Africa. A poor country where people have no food, people have no jobs. We don’t need to ask the Russians about the new reality. Europeans need to wake up, they need to get out of their dreamland and come to the real world and realise that enough is enough. Europe is not everything. The whole world is a big place. They think Europe is everything and Russia is not. The Russians will wake up, but first the Europeans have to wake up before the Russians.

– Tell us about your plans for SPIEF 2022.

– What plans? You know… SPIEF is a very big platform. That is why it is always good to have the first meetings or the first exchange of business cards. There are so many exporters here, so we can do basic things here and then plan a second meeting. We meet a lot of people at SPIEF.

– What can you say about the organisation of the forum? Is it better this year than before?

– You see, when you arrive, you see that everything is beautiful. Especially this pavilion – more colourful, more digitised, more electronic. It’s incredible, it’s a different world. If you ask me if I have a complaint about Roscongress, I have to say that they have raised prices, I don’t know why. Times have changed, they don’t need to think only about making more millions, they need to gather more people, they need more people to join the forum.

My final question is: in this new reality, in your opinion, is Russia still the same promising and progressive country or not?

– If we plan it right, Russia will be the next number one country. Only Russian people have to believe that, and in the next few years, the number one country will be, yes, Russia. You will be number one.

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