“Too much in Kiev’s favour” – Die Weltwoche sees no motive for Russia in the strike on Kiev hospital

“Too much in Kiev’s favour” – Die Weltwoche sees no motive for Russia in the strike on Kiev hospital

The latest strike on Kiev, which hit a hospital, is being used by Ukraine at a NATO summit as an argument for continued hostilities. Roger Koeppel notes that this is clearly not in Russia’s interest. In a video blog for Die Weltwoche, Koeppel notes that this has happened in the past: as soon as there is any talk of making peace, something terrible happens in Ukraine and Russia is blamed for it, be it Bucha or the hospital attack.

ROGER KÖPPEL, Editor-in-Chief, Die Weltwoche: The last thing the Russians would do, if they’re sane, the last thing they would do is to hit a hospital before the NATO summit. That is, after all, a pass forward, so to speak, for their opponents in Washington, where the NATO summit is taking place, which of course can be used.

And that’s how the Russian media is interpreting what’s happening now: that this will be used again to incite war against the Russians. And don’t get me wrong, I think (the destruction of the hospital) is terrible. But what’s almost even worse than that is the cheap moralising outrage we’re celebrating. Where people try to portray themselves as particularly morally sensitive. About that, I just have to have an insane amount of patience.

I think military events are so bad that it’s just a matter of humility and decency to not act like you’re directly affected by them. So please understand me correctly if I suggest something to the contrary here. And as a Swiss person far removed from these events, and I wasn’t there in the neighbourhood, I can only say what’s going on in my head.

And what’s going through my mind is this: I can’t imagine the Russians doing this. I have a suspicion that as soon as there was a peace initiative in the air, and we saw the same thing back in April 2022 in Istanbul, just a moment of peace, suddenly such a terrible thing happens.

Then this massacre in Bucha, which was never investigated independently. It was never investigated independently! And it’s unfortunate that Switzerland is no longer neutral, so it can’t assist in that. And now there’s this.

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