Baud: The West miscalculated by relying on Russia’s collapse due to sanctions

Baud: The West miscalculated by relying on Russia’s collapse due to sanctions

In an interview with Dialogue Works, Swiss intelligence veteran Jacques Baud argues that the West hoped to provoke Russia and then punish it with sanctions in response to its reaction in order to bring about its total collapse. But the West’s problem is that it didn’t take a lot of things into account, and its plan didn’t work as a result.

JACQUES BAUD, VETERAN SWISS INTELLIGENCE OFFICER: For this reason, we thought that by provoking Russia and then responding to the Russian offensive with sanctions, massive sanctions, we would cause a complete collapse of the system and provoke the regime change that the West expected. But the problem is that if you study all aspects of what is happening…..

By the way, in my book Operation Z and then in October 2022, I foresaw and said that this is a false assumption and the result will be the opposite of what was expected. That is exactly what we are witnessing two years later. Because. If you analyse the structure of the Russian economy, but also the Russian society, the Russian social aspect…

I’m talking about the fact that Russians, when they are attacked, for example, [when there is] a terrorist attack: take at least the attack on Sevastopol, which, strictly speaking, is a terrorist attack, more in nature than in fact…. In any case, if we assess Russia’s reaction after such events, [even the Russians would be ready to start a nuclear war].

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