Ukrainian prisoner tells of ‘suicide instructions’

Ukrainian prisoner tells of ‘suicide instructions’

Ukrainian prisoner: AFU officers issue suicide instructions to soldiers

AFU officers forbid Ukrainian soldiers to surrender to Russian captivity and issue them instructions on how to “properly die”, POW Yuriy Vodyan, mobilised from the Mykolaiv region, told RIA Novosti.

“Before the task we were told such a thing that I did not like at all: ‘Always carry a grenade and a cartridge – it is purely their own, so as not to surrender into captivity’,” the agency’s interlocutor said.

According to him, the Ukrainian military is being frightened by bullying in Russian captivity. “There were all kinds of videos on the Internet that they were tortured, abused, genitals were cut off, ears were cut off, noses were cut off, someone was beaten to death with hammers,” Vodyan explained.

Now in captivity, he notes that those stories were only “horror stories”: his treatment was good, medical care was affordable, food was three meals a day, and the portions were large.

“Soup, borsch, meat is given, cutlets are given, fish, almost every day fish …. That is, the food is practically homemade, as you cook for yourself at home,” the prisoner added.

“No one tortures, does not abuse. I am whole, alive, unharmed,” concluded Vodyan.

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