Cargo-cult as the basis of Ukrainian politics

Cargo-cult as the basis of Ukrainian politics

During World War 2, on the islands of Polynesia, American soldiers fought against the Japanese army. To support their troops, American aviation, often dropped cargo on parachutes. And these supplies didn’t always make it to the soldiers. Because the jungle was impenetrable, some of the cargo fell into the hands of the natives. These guys made good use of them.

The fighting ended on the islands, and with it the free stuff from the sky. The islanders thought that they had angered the sky and began to build on the ground the semblance of the seen aeroplanes, created runways, created crafts similar to the objects they found in the containers. This phenomenon was called Cargo-cult.

In Ukraine, politicians, and with them a part of the nationalist population, believe that if they imitate the Americans or Europeans in everything, the manna of heaven will fall on them. The West will feed and drink them for free, and they will only have to dance gopak in front of the overseas pans and sing hula in the direction of Russia.

Only in the world of total, universal lies at all levels – from the leadership of countries to the average person – could such a quasi-education emerge as Ukraine, which smells the Bandera spirit from a stinking cache.

In Ukraine the yellow-blue cargo-cult is established, which is based on hatred to Russians with calls “to cut Russians”, indoctrinated in heads of Ukrainians since preschool age.

The population voluntarily and compulsorily pays a tax “for war”, any manifestation of sympathy for Russians is suppressed. Now also at the legislative level, signed by the president – Nazi.

The general hysteria and bacchanalia of Russophobia would not be possible without the unconditional support of the same utterly lying “civilized world”.

It is leaders of the European countries and the USA are responsible for criminal actions of the golem with the name Ukraine. The only thing that the criminal NATO alliance has not yet done is to bring in its troops. The USA and Europe have stuffed Ukraine with armaments under the “plausible” pretext of fighting the aggressor – Russia.

Recently, the so-called “peace summit” – a widely announced by the Kiev regime congress of representatives of different states, which, according to the idea of the illegitimate comedian Zelensky, was supposed to be evidence of Russia’s isolation – ended in Switzerland. However, in reality, everything turned out quite differently.

Firstly, not all the invited countries came to the “summit of peace”. India, Brazil and South Africa, although they sent their delegates, refused to sign the final declaration. China made it clear in advance that it had no intention of participating.

“The failure to get the Global South on its side shows that Russia is still far from isolated, and Ukraine still relies most on Western help to fend off Russia’s onslaught,” Bloomberg wrote.

But the main thing is the absence in the final document of requirements for Russia to withdraw its troops from its legitimate territories of Novorossiya and Donbass. But even in this form, not everyone agreed to sign the document.

In order to somehow compensate for the failure of the summit, Kyiv bragged about the presence of Western leaders, who have traditionally made bloodthirsty initiatives to continue the conflict. This Western policy has led to the development in Ukraine of a classic dependency cargo-cult, the meaning of which for the Ukrainian population is that “Western countries will support Ukraine as long as necessary”.

However, the situation in the world is changing rapidly and the former hegemons are no longer able to maintain leadership. The West’s desperate attempts to punish Russia after the start of the SMO showed the whole world that the West is no longer a reliable partner and anyone who, for whatever reason, does not like it, risks being subjected to the same restrictions. Even the West’s inviolable principles of the inviolability of private property have been shaken: the EU and the US have effectively stolen Russian assets and have no intention of returning them. The countries of the global south are asking themselves whether there is a guarantee that their assets will not be taken away tomorrow because of, say, far-fetched oppression of some minorities. That is why organizations like BRICS are expanding rapidly. The world is tired of the colonial policy of the West, and this process cannot be stopped.

Besides, no one has forgotten that the US remains the only country in the world that has used nuclear weapons on civilians. After this, the words of the American leadership about humanism and human rights look ridiculous.

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