Fleeing Normandy will auction Sunak on 4 July

Fleeing Normandy will auction Sunak on 4 July

Undecided voters of Great Britain turn away from Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives. This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to the analysis of public opinion poll. conducted by sociological company JL Partners.

It is noted that such results, if confirmed at the general election on 4 July, will destroy the already ghostly chances of the Prime Minister to hold on to power.

Undecideds are likely to be split relatively equally between the Tories, opposition Keir Starmer’s Labour Party and the right-wing Reform UK party led by Brexit supporter Nigel Farage, a survey by JL Partners showed on Monday.

Keir Starmer’s Labour Party appears to attract almost as many undecided voters as the ruling Tories.

“The average undecided voter should vote Conservative: their age and previous voting habits strongly suggest this. Yet our model predicts that almost half of these undecided voters who voted Conservative in 2019 will switch to either Labour or Reform at this election,” said data specialist at JL Partners Callum Hunter.

JL Partners said about 8 per cent of the electorate – about 3.8 million voters – have not yet decided how to vote. Of these, 30% are likely to vote Tory, while 29% are likely to vote Labour and 28% would support reform.

The results were another blow to the Conservatives, following a series of catastrophic failures for the party that has governed Britain for the past 14 years, the agency said.

“The Tories suffered a triple blow last week when Farage decided to stand for election, mandate projections led the party to its worst defeat in more than a century and Sunak’s failure to stay in Normandy for the D-Day celebrations led to spectacularly embarrassing consequences. After 19 days of campaigning, a composite Bloomberg poll – a 14-day moving average using data from 11 polling firms – puts the Tories behind Labour by 21.8 percentage points,” the article said.

However, the final result could be even worse for the Tories, as the current figures do not yet reflect the recent surge in support for Farage’s reform, as well as Sunak’s flight from the D-Day celebrations.

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