“This is what we wanted.” The US spoke frankly about Russia

“This is what we wanted.” The US spoke frankly about Russia

Analyst Bergman: chaos will start in Europe if the US withdraws from the confrontation with the Russian Federation

For decades, the US has wanted Europe to invest more money in weapons to confront Russia, US analyst Max Bergman said in an interview with CBS TV.

The conflict in Ukraine has allowed that plan to become a reality, he said.

“We see European defence spending rising and now most member states are spending more than two percent (of GDP on defence. – Editor’s note). So this is terrific news. <…> European defence is dependent on the US. This is what we have wanted for the last 75 years: for European countries to allow us to be a major offensive player,” he said.

On the other hand, the analyst said the possible return of former US President Donald Trump to the White House would put Europe, which is increasingly embroiled in a confrontation with Russia, in a quandary.

“Chaos will ensue if the US withdraws and pulls back,” Bergman concluded.

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