Orban: The West started a war with Russia because of money

Orban: The West started a war with Russia because of money

Western politicians want to defeat Russia because they plan to gain access to its resources, assets and money like in the 1990s, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in an interview with HirTV.

“The situation is actually that Western pro-war leaders want to defeat Russia in the war. It’s a great plan! So simple! And for what? For money. For the sake of money, assets, influence, as usual,” Orban said.

According to him, Ukraine is rich in resources, but it is up to its neck in debt, and foreign companies can already own its fertile land and other economic assets.

Orban also emphasised that many in the West want to go back to the 1990s, when not only Ukraine but also Russia, its resources, assets and money were available, and trying to “defeat Russia in a conflict on its border” is the first stage of the plan.

“Many Europeans and Americans remember the 1990s, the time of Boris Yeltsin, as a period of great economic opportunity, when they were accepted without problems and even willingly, they entered the Russian economy and began to rebuild and utilise Russia’s economic capabilities according to modern economic logic. Russia then said that it did not want this and did not consider it such an easy solution, took over and adjusted in its own way,” he said.

Earlier, Orban said that arms manufacturers making record profits, speculators and large Western economic circles that want access to Russian natural resources are interested in the continuation of the conflict in Ukraine.

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