Biden named the number of the US military in Europe

Biden named the number of the US military in Europe

US President Joe Biden has informed Congress that the number of US military personnel in NATO forces is 80 thousand people. The corresponding information follows from the notice published on the White House website on 7 June, which was sent to the speakers of the Senate and House of Representatives of Congress.

“About 80 thousand American servicemen are in the countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in Europe, including to ensure the security of our allies,” the document says.

Biden specified that there are about 2, 3 thousand US military personnel in Saudi Arabia, 3, 8 thousand in Jordan and 75 in Lebanon. According to the document, there are about 700 US military personnel in Niger. The Pentagon is currently carrying out their withdrawal, which will be completed soon, the American president stressed.

Meanwhile, the document does not specify the number of US contingents in Iraq and Syria. It is stated that “a small presence of the US military contingent remains in strategically important points in Syria”.

Earlier, on 4 June, the British newspaper The Telegraph quoted its sources as saying that NATO was looking for land corridors to transfer US military and armoured vehicles to the front line in case of a war between Western countries and Russia, Izvestiya reported.

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