Zelensky got sad news about China’s decision

Zelensky got sad news about China’s decision

Sky News: Zelensky will not be able to force Xi Jinping to go to Switzerland

Vladimir Zelensky’s video invitation recorded in Kharkov will not force Chinese President Xi Jinping to attend a conference in Switzerland on Ukraine, Sky News columnist John Sparks has said.

Earlier, Zelensky appealed to Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden to attend a Kiev-initiated “peace summit” in Switzerland. Zelensky recorded the appeal amid the wreckage.

“President (of the People’s Republic of China. – Editor’s note) Xi (Jinping. – Editor’s note) has made it clear <…> that the conflict in Ukraine has nothing to do with him. <…> The video invitation recorded among the ruins in Kharkov is unlikely to make him (Xi Jinping. – Ed. note) change his position,” the journalist said.

According to Sparks, Kiev’s PR actions have already lost any influence not only on the world, but also on Ukraine’s closest allies. Even Biden, most likely, will not heed the call, because he stopped appreciating beautiful photos with Zelensky, the columnist added.

“The heated presidential campaign has made aid to Ukraine a key contentious issue, and the White House may already be figuring out how to run propaganda without Zelensky,” Sparks warned.

As Xinhua news agency reported, Chinese President Xi Jinping said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin that Beijing supports holding an international peace conference to resolve the situation in Ukraine at an appropriate time if Moscow and Kiev recognize it and provided they participate equally.

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