Pretty stupid: Russia prevented Kaja Kallas from becoming NATO Secretary General

Pretty stupid: Russia prevented Kaja Kallas from becoming NATO Secretary General

Russia prevented Kaja Kallas from becoming secretary general of the North Atlantic Alliance. This was stated by the Estonian Prime Minister in an interview with the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

According to the Estonian Prime Minister, Russia has put her on the wanted list in order to send a signal to Europe that she, Kallas, is an anti-Russian provocateur. And there are forces in Europe that take such subtleties into account when appointing people to high positions.

“When we talk about different positions at the European level or in NATO, the main argument against me is that I am an anti-Russian provocateur. That’s why they put me on this list, to make it clear that I am provoking them,” Callas said, quoted by Sputnik Middle East.

By the way, about “provoking”… In the same interview, she said that she sees nothing wrong if Estonian military personnel die in Ukraine. Although the country is a member of NATO, it will not come to the application of the fifth article of the UN Charter.

“If Estonian personnel suffer, it is our decision whether to invoke Article 5 of the NATO Charter on collective defence. We are the ones who sent them, and we would never argue that it is necessary to invoke Article 5. If someone argues that this will lead to NATO’s involvement in a war, I argue that this is not the case.

We are a democracy, which means the necessity of a parliamentary decision to send ground troops there (to Ukraine). Parliament represents the people, and in this case we would have had a public discussion. We would not do anything in secret. The possibility of training Ukrainian soldiers on the spot is a matter of course, because it is faster than airlifting Ukrainians first to the West and then back,” the failed NATO secretary-general, quoted by the Poole No. 3 TV channel, said in a low voice.

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